Who We Are

SerpLead is a web design and digital marketing agency, always aiming to deliver creative solutions at reasonable prices. We love nothing more than working on unique bespoke projects, however that does not mean we don’t accommodate smaller projects such a brochure websites or basic CMS websites. Regardless of the size of the project, we always put 100% into getting the work done. We have worked with a wide range of clients over the past few years, which has helped us to better understand client needs. One of the main lessons we learned was that just because a startup does not have all the funds necessary to get things of the ground, doesn’t mean they are not serious about having the project completed.

As you may know, our agency recently launched a new scheme, whereby startups can still have their project completed by us even if they cannot make the payment in full after completion. This scheme works by allowing small startups to make monthly payments until the full amount has been paid, after which they will be given full rights to the website and the source code. Prior to the full payment being made, the website will be hosted on our servers, however will be fully functional. We will also be making several other changes to further aid startups who are serious about getting their projects completed but low on funds.

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