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There appears to be alot of confusion when it comes to websites, mainly regarding what type of website one needs, how long it should take to build and of course, the cost.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website and How Much Will It Cost?

That depends on several factors, the main ones being the features the website will have and the platform it is been built in. On the lower end of the scale, simple websites can take around 2-4 weeks to finish and cost £300. On the upper end of the scale, complex database driven bespoke websites can take 3-4 months to finish cost up to £25,000. The more detailed your project brief is, the more accurate our website completion estimates can be.

What Type Of Websites Can You Build?

As our team comprises highly skilled, experienced programmers, there is no website too complex for us to build. We have worked on a wide variety of projects, some simple brochure websites and others large complex bespoke database driven websites.

What If I Want To Make Changes To My Website?

That is where CMS(Content Management System) comes into the picture. Using CMS, the majority of content on your website can be edited with a high degree of simplicity. They can also be used to add new content to your website, something very important as this helps websites rank well on google and is beneficial for maintaining customer engagement.

Will My Website Load Properly On Smartphones?

With 7 in 10 people now using smartphones in the UK, a website that does not load well on smartphones runs the risk of loosing many potential valuable customers. To ensure high conversion rates, responsive design is high on our priorities. Response design ensures that your website automatically resizes and orientates itself based on the screen size of the device viewing it.

I Cannot Afford A Web Design Agency, Should I Hire a Freelancer?

We have had one too many projects in which we have been asked to finish bug riddled, incomplete website coded by a freelancer. Now that is not to say freelancers are unwise decisions. Complex websites will generally an agency. If the work is passed on to freelancers you run the risk of paying more than planned. It is no uncommon for a freelancer to underestimate the complexity of a project, then increase prices during the project. However we understand that not everyone will have all the funds necessary to hire an agency, which is why we have a subscription plan whereby we allow one to complete the payment for the website in small monthly installments. This means you do not need to have all the funds available right now to pass on the project to us. For more information about this please click here.

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