Copywriting is often an overlooked, yet vital aspect of creating and maintaining an attractive website. High quality copywriting has several benefits, some of which include increased conversion rates, improved authenticity and SEO. Copywriting is a broad term, but when viewed through digital marketing lenses, you will find 3 main types. If you are not familiar with concepts such as SEO or website conversion rates, please click here.

Website Copywriting

This aspect of copywriting is focused on the textual content on your website. When people visit your website it is imperative that the content is articulate, quickly grabs the reader’s attention and persuades them to make a decision inline with your desired action. Before we start website copywriting for you, we will discuss your marketing objectives long term goals for the site. This helps our writers create content tailored to your brand. We will also obtain any descriptions, facts or figures you may want us to append to your pages.

Article/Blog Copywriting

I am sure you have come across many websites that release detailed articles on their blogs on a regular basis. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind this process is? Google! or to be more specific, google SEO. Google has a complex dynamic algorithm they use to decide which websites get to be on the first page, the second, third and so forth. One of the main factors taken into consideration by this algorithm is content. Google favors and gives higher rankings to websites that release quality content on a regular basis. Simply posting quality, original articles in your blog, is a good way to get your website up the google ranking ladder, and eventually land on the first page for your target keywords. However like with most things in life, it is easier said than done. Writing quality content can become very time-consuming, which is why we are here to help. All we need is your topic and target keywords, then our professional team of copywriters will do the rest.

Press Release Copywriting

Media coverage is a very good way to generate customer interest and strengthen the authenticity of your business. Maybe your company has released a new service or achieved one of its milestones, but conveying that message in a manner that appeals to editor and their respective readerships is no easy task. If your company has something newsworthy they would like to share with the media, leave it to us. SerpLead will build your release with a format that resonates well with the voice of your company and the audience

Copy Editing and Proofreading

I suppose not everyone needs a website, article or press release copywriter. Maybe you already know exactly what to say about your products or services, but do you know the best way to say it? Our copywriters can also help to refine any existing content you have. They will first start by proofreading the content, to ensure there are no grammar errors. After they will then make further changes to ensure the content is smooth,  articulate and straight to the point, while still preserving your original values.

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